Hint - class to represent hint
This class is Multiple Master - compatible


  Hint()                - generic constructor,
                          creates a Hint with zero coordinates
  Hint(Hint)            - copy constructor
  Hint(position, width) - creates a Hint and assigns position and width values



  parent (read-only)    - Hint's parent object, Glyph
  position (integer)    - position of the hint
  width (integer)       - width of the hint
  positions [(integer)] - list of positions for each master
  widths [(integer)]    - list of widths for each master





  ToLink() - transforms hint to Link (and returns it as a result)
             using parent as a source of node coordinates. Parent must exist
  Transform(Matrix m) - applies Matrix transformation to the Hint
                                 (see Matrix().__doc__)
  TransformLayer(Matrix m, layernum)
                               - applies Matrix transformation to the
                                 selected layer of the Hint